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Investim în viitorul tău ! Proiect selectat în cadrul Programului Operaţional Regional şi cofinanţat de Uniunea Europeană prin Fondul European pentru Dezvoltare Regională.



We open-heartedly expect you too meet and understand us,to visit the dream places we live on,being convinced that it will be an experience that you will not soon forget.

Placed in the south-western part of the Petrosani Depresion,at the foot of Retezat and Valcan Mountains,at an altitude of 650-700m above sea level,the city of Uricani also integrates the Valea de Brazi and Campu lui Neag localities.Uricani is the entrance gate to the Retezat Massive,a jewel of nature,with a wild landscape that provides unbelievable images,snowy peaks and glaciar ponds,having in it's perimeter one of Romania's pearls,the Retezat National Park.
Retezat has more than 20 over 2000m peaks,the highest one being Peleaga(2509m).Here there are more than 80 glaciar lakes,Bucura being the biggest one in all of Romania. There are also amazeing landscapes, untouched by human hand, carstic places with a lot of caves,steeps, gorges, waterfalls, resting places and so on.Being little known at an national level,the area provides different possibilities for practicing tourism: accessible and spectacular touristic paths,impressive waterfalls,alpine tracks and ciclotourism areas. As they are, we love these places because here lie both our past and future,for here is where we bring up our children and here we earn a living.